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Peter Rush - Walking Biped Robot

I started working on Peter a few weeks ago. And although he is yet to take his first full steps, progress is moving along nicely.

I will try and post updates as things change.


// Update August 14, 2009

Added new video: Peter Rush Biped Robot H-Bridge Test


//Update August 19, 2009

Added new video: Biped Robot C# Control Center - Peter Rush


//Updated August 30, 2009

Added new video: Biped Robot Doing Squats


//Updated September 23, 2009

Added new video: Robot Leg / Ankle with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

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I like your work a lot. However, I am a bit concerned about the locomotion of the robot. Have you performed some computer simulation to be sure that the mechanism would actually walk? What about turing left and right?

what program you suggest to make this kind of simulation ??