Let's Make Robots!

Mr Boston


This is a concept for a drink server robot, Mr Boston. My initial concept is to build him out of an ice cooler, adding wheels, sensors, actuators, etc.

Some initial thoughts:

  • rolls around a party, offering drinks to guests
  • programmed to create 2-3 different drinks based on guest selection
  • scoops ice into shaker and adds alcohol and mixer
  • plays music while mixing drinks
  • dances to music while mixing drinks
  • use filters similar to (perhaps salvaged from) a speaker crossover network to separate high, medium and low frequency sounds
  • bobs head or moves drink/ice shaker to low frequency sounds
  • "dances" to mid frequency sounds
  • higher frequency sounds might trigger a variety of tricks or pre-programmed funny responses

I just wanted to record this idea. If it ever moves into construction I'll create a robot page for it.

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Sounds cool! One of the first features you should implement is beer bottle opening :)

Add one requirement: Beer bottle opening.  Good idea.  I'm a fan of beer.

Didn't you see the beginning of short circuit when they make gin and tonics?

 ..."crush ice"...