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Boss Board

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The Boss Board is a project board from Gadget Gangster.  Not only is it a pretty cool project board, but you can also publish and sell projects using the 3.05" x 4" Boss Board on Gadget Gangster.  Features:  

Prewired to Support Popular Microcontrollers
Like the Parallax Propeller, SX, and the PICaxe 08, 14, and 20.  The Boss Board also supports the PICaxe 18X for additional versatility.

Mounting Areas For Common Connectors

A Mini DIN mount for PS/2, S-Video, and all Mini DIN applications 8 Pin - 3 Pin. Dual-use jacks for Potentiometers and 3.5mm stereo jacks. SPDT slide switch mounts on the top left. 2x RCA jacks, and a pre-wired video DAC for the Parallax Propeller.

5V, 3V, or Both
The bottom left voltage regulator powers the microcontroller, and the board supports a second, optional regulator on the top left. This makes 3.3v + 5v projects no problem. A reverse protection diode makes the board forgiving of common power mistakes.  Or skip the power and connect a battery pack straight to the rails.

An Extra Large Designing Area
With enough space for 40+ pin 600mil DIP's and unique, woven power rails give you flexibility when connecting support IC's.

Now You're Playing With Power!
An NES controller connector makes it super easy to add control to your project. The controller's builtin shift register makes reading the controller a 3-Pin affair (Clock, Data & Latch), and controllers work at 3v or 5v.

We offer a 2 pack of boards, or you can grab a Designers Pack for PICaxe, SX, or Propeller.  


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Ha!  Sounds like you're speaking from personal experience.  Yeah, it's a different pinout than most fixed voltage regulators.  It's (G)round, (O)ut, (I)n instead of IGO.  I use the ON MC33269 for 800mA 5v (datasheet), the ST LD1085 for 3A 5V (datasheet), and the ST LD1117 for 3.3V (datasheet).  A lot of projects (like Christhecarpenter's Decision Maker 2000) use a battery pack, though.

Oh yeah, I gotta plug... Oh yeah....

Seriously, click that CTC Decision Maker link... Buy one and help the American economy!! Help yourself, help me... Really, everyone wins with a decision maker 2000! Oh, and God will love you too! Plus cute puppies!