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A mini relay like chip?

Here is the setup, I need a picaxe to "push" 2 buttons when it receives a high digital input. 
I will be using a picaxe08M and will have 2 digital inputs(2 buttons) and to digital outputs to triger the relay.
I need somethink like a relay but much smaller, about the same size a the picaxe chip.
It only need to handle 5V.
Anybody know of something that would do the job ? 

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There are reed and opto relays in a Dual Inline Package (DIP) form factor like an IC.  Be sure to check the specs for the appropriate voltage and current limits of the relay.

Opto relay examples:


Reed relay examples:


Do you definitely need a relay?  What sort of current/voltage connection are you making?  Can you explain your need for the size limitation?  DIP package relays are not that big.

Not a relay exactly but something that works in the same way, a small current that can operate a switch that controls a much larger current, in this case the Picaxe will be receiving 5V and the C-stamp works on 5 V so the voltage difference is not the problem I just need a switch that can be controlled by a high or low input..

What are the current requirements of the "button"? You may be able to just use a couple transistors.

Then you can have 7 buttons. :)
But doesn't a Darlington array produce an opposite signal to the input one ? 

I actually have one of those and was thinking of how to use it but after looking at a schematic I kinda gave up on that idea

I still haven't managed to acquire any darlington arrays, so I never think of them.

To have it control 7 buttons would require 7 pins on the micro though, wouldn't it? I need to go read up on these things, I don't know jack about them ;)

You can make a simple Darlington pair from two discrete transistors, or even buy a pair in a single package.  So you don't necessarily need to get a whole chip with seven pairs.

You would need seven inputs to control seven things :)