Let's Make Robots!

The spin bot!

Well, its my first made out of scraps and it just spins!


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its kinda stupid and not advanced but it was my first!
Well we quite honestly tell if it's stupid or not!! There's no video. No photography. I realize it may not do much but quite honestly what is the point of posting this if your not showing it to us!! But if you learned from it then that's all that mattered!
I just hadn't taken the pictures yet and i dont have a video camera so i can't take video only pictures! And i just uploaded some, but my camera has bad quality but they are ok.
i dont really know if you can actually call it a robot because it has no cpu or code its just two motors some wire and a 9v!

I guess I judged too early!! May I ask though why you spent 15 dollars on this and not spend a little extra on an actual robot?

Because when you start robotics it pays to start off small. I started with a blinking LED and a picaxe.
I agree completely but when I said spent more I meant like 5 or 10 dollars and make a mousey the junbot or a beetlebot! Good use of readily available resources though.
i didn't spend anything but time! i was just estimating the price if you didn't have the rubber bands motors, legos, 9v, copper wire, etc. Also im 12 and broke. lol!