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LCD UI Platform Module

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The LCD UI Platform Module is a drop-in 8x2 LCD with a 5-way button (up - down - left - right - depress) and a second 'big red button'. It also has a bi-color LED for additional user feedback. The LCD is back-lit and the contrast can be controlled with the included thumbwheel potentiometer.

The LCD UI Platform Module is compatible with other Gadget Gangster Platform Modules like the Propeller Module and Prototyper Module. You can also use it on any other project board or on a breadboard.

There's more info on Gadget Gangster. I also did a little video demonstration here.

What is the Gadget Gangster Platform?
The Gadget Gangster Platform is a lot like the Arduino with a few improvements on the basic idea;

1 - Modules (a.k.a. shields) can be connected to each other on top or bottom. For example, you might have a Propeller module in the middle, an LCD UI on the top, and a prototyper on the bottom. We've got a few initial modules to start, and we'll continue to expand on the selection with more modules and microcontrollers.

2 - They're breadboard compatible and you can use Platform modules in combination with other project boards.

3 - The board footprint is 3.8" x 2.5", which is the same footprint as ExpressPCB's MiniBoard service, so adding your own custom module is inexpensive and straightforward.

4 - Because they're featured in Jon Williams' Spin Zone column in Nuts and Volts, they're well documented. The LCD UI Module will be described in his upcoming column.

5 - Projects designed on the Gadget Gangster Platform can be shared and sold on Gadget Gangster. You can also use Platform Modules in combination with our other project boards (like an LCD UI on top of a Boss Board).

6 - Platform Modules are licensed under the MIT license (essentially public domain), giving you more flexibility than more restrictive licenses like Creative Commons Share-alike.

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Nice but of what use is it. You can get 4 X 16 around same price