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Arduino and Serial communication

Hi All,

Calculon is thinking about jumping onto the Arduino bandwagon, but he has a question or two about serial communication:

- Can an Arduino talk to a picaxe via serial? Calculon understands that picaxe signals are inverted, while Arduino's are "non-inverted"(whatever that is). Is there a way to reconcile this difference? An inverter or something?

- Do the Arduino boards such as the Duicimillanovaililuanne have outpins that can be used for serial communication?

Calculon OUT!

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If you are looking for an expensive and easy to use MCU, then I would go with the Arduino (not going to try to spell the board type this early in the morning). It uses C, which is easy to understand and implement.  If you already have a body for your bot, you can drop in the Arduino and start coding.  It took me less than 20 mins to code and debug the control routines for the 293D chip.  and bumper switches for my bot.  There are tons of libraries on the arduino.cc site to get ideas and such from as well. It's mega supported.


And CaptainObvious says you could also take a look at the NewSoftSerial library for the Arduino if you need faster speeds on your pins.

The commands are almost exactly the same as the SoftwareSerial library, but you're able to communicate quicker! But C O agrees with everyone else, the communication between the two should be fairly easy!


Or you could get the Mega and you have 4  seperate hardware serial capable pins!  And well.. you could turn the like 942 digital pins into Software serial connections as well ( work the same as hardware, for the most part, just done in software ) !


Yes the Extra hardware comm ports on the ArduinoMega are a bliss - this way you dont have to connect and reconnect the programming USB lead during developement phases ...which is a pain with single comm port Arduino - (or am i just to lazy).

Couldn't you use the software serial library to get around that problem?

Only up to 9600 BPS reliably.  I believe the NewSoftSerial allows for 38,400 BPS realiably, but only to receieve.


But yes, SoftwareSerial would cover most of that, but who doesn't want a Seeeduino Mega? I mean, seriously! :)

I know I do :) Though not for the sake of more serials but rather for the 48 (!!) servos I can control plus double analog in's .....
Ian would like to know why every one is talking in 3rd person.
Calculon started it

Rudolph says that all inter-micro communication is made easier with Rum ;)

Seriously though, Rudolph would also like to point out that both processors should handle I2C communication as well (Rudolph knows the Arduino can). So if Calculon's Arduino is using its UART for other purposes, it can still talk to something else faster than the 9600 BAUD limit of SoftwareSerial.

Calculon's fuel is a mixture of 40% Rum and 60% beer. Calculon wonders for what purposes he would use the UART of his Arduino Lucentermittentepila? (also known as the "Diecimila")? To talk to his PC?