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Seeeduino Mega

Vendor's Description: 

The new Seeeduino Mega is the first Arduino Mega clone with the powerfull Atmega1280 processor from Seeed Studio. The board size is identical to a normal Arduino board like the Arduino Diecemila, only the connectors are slightly different but fully compatible to Standard Arduino shields.

  • ATmega1280 processor, 16MHz
  • 128kB Flash
  • 8kB SRAM 
  • 4kB EEPROM
  • 3 x UART
  • 1 x I2C Port
  • 70 digital IOs 14 with PWM capability
  • 16 analog Inputs
  • 5V or 3.3V operating voltage
  • Mini USB connector
  • 2 pin JST power battery connector
Difference vs. Arduino Mega:

  • Smaller (30% smaller) and flat form factor
  • All IO pin break out.
  • Move Reset button for easy access
  • 2.54mm alighment for proto boards compatiblity
  • 3.3V selectable for Port F and Port K
  • Auto/Manual reset selectable
  • Full featured Uart, Bitbang ready



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