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FingerTech tinyESC

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FingerTech Robotics tinyESC Small Motor Controller (website)

FingerTech tinyESCs pack the most power into the smallest package!  Don't sacrifice space and weight on bulky motor controllers - tinyESCs are what the champions use!
New version now with 50% higher continuous-current capacity!  Thicker pcb traces shunt heat away from the driver chip faster - meaning you can run larger motors!

• Bi-directional brushed motor controller.
• Ultra-compact and lightweight.
• Undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemp protection.
• Internal BEC (battery eliminator circuit) provides 5V to receiver - no extra receiver battery required!
• Calibrate function allows precision driving.
• Status LEDs for both directions and calibration.
• Read the tinyESC review in SERVO Magazine!

These speed controllers are perfectly matched to our own line of Gold Spark and Silver Spark motors, Copals, Sanyos, B16s, B62s, etc.  For the short operating times of robots, anything up to 5A stall can be run by tinyESCs.


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Does it have reverse?

Many of the smaller RC speed controllers I've looked at has been for planes, and therefore lack reverse.

And if it have reverse, does it have a break function? Because that's a tricky business.

The break function is there to save your gears from the stress of going from full speed forward to full speed reverse. So when you hit backwards after you've driven forward, the wheels will just stop, then you have to release and hit backwards again to get the motor moving backwards.

To circumvent this problem it's best to program in a small tap backwards every time it is in neutral position.

Yes the tinyESCs have reverse.  These were designed for use in combat robot and other competition drive systems so being able to change direction instantly is key.  There is no braking required between switching from forward to reverse.