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Robotics in movies....or at least in an upcoming movie

So this is related to the technology behind a new movie thats coming out. This was originally found on robots.net, a site I highly recommend checking out if you have never heard of it.

I was actually pretty impressed with what they had to show and how far along in the way of robotics we've already come.

In a way this movie reminds me of Ghost in the shell. 

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Made me think of Asimovs "Naked Sun" some, different a bit though.

An interesting looking robot movie that`s closer to the truth than most I`ve seen recently.

Ghost in the shell is a lot further off. I don`t think it`s a simple case of copy/pasting your personality into a robot!

Looks like a movie not to be missed - from the "teaser" yes much of it is possible "Now"!!!      ..........(its frightening)