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Bench Power Supply

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I bought this great Power Supply Kit by Chaney Electronics from The Electronic Goldmine.

It is rated for 0-12V. My kids managed to pull mine off the table and smashed the 500 ohm potentiometer. I wound up replacing it with a 1k ohm pot I had handy. I find I can get up to 15V from the supply with no problem for light loads.

I like re-using enclosures and parts from broken or old stuff. I used the case from an old coffee grinder that died.


I added the terminals, which I had on hand.

I also added the LED, switch and knob seen below.


I've bought some parts to add an LED bar graph to give me a rough idea of the output voltage, so I don't always need my multimeter to check it.


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Marlin P Jones has a lot of panel meters if you wanted a digital readout of voltage. Just add a scaling resistor. 

I looked at includnig an LCD panel meter, but of course they all need their own power source and I didn' want to add a new regulator just to have a meter.

An analog panel meter could work, but finding one the right size, range and price proved to be a challenge.