Let's Make Robots!

Cardboard Robot Game - starring LMR Look-alikes (rik-puff-calculon-mikv Pyro style !!)

Just for fun i found this game with an uncanny likeness to LMR bods.

including  rik (with Admin-glasses)- puff (the Dragon) - Calculon320 (the robot)- mikv (pyrotechniques).

There are too many synchronous LMR events in this game ....... (did an ex spammer make it !!!!)

Take a break and Play along - and i guarantee your robot building will be more fun after....... cardboard_robot.jpg

Cardboard Robot Game 

(dont forget to switch the music on - and Pump up the Volume :-)


Strange-ly its also has - Swiss army knives to boot........

 This should go on the top Blue bar for a few weeks :P




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Might get some help on the uploading score code, but i would know how to make simple games like that. The spam fighting idea is quite nice. You could choose which LMR member to use. (i would go for jklug's angry face, it scares spammers off)