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Light Line Follower Robot (Autonomus Light Path)

It follows the path made of white light

This robot is designed for leading people to their sits in cinema, theatre.. etc by controlling their tickets and accompanying them. It is basically a line follower robot, but its path makes it different from other standart line followers. The path is also autonomous, it is controlled by a PIC16F877A according to a ticket control system. By reading the ticket with CNY70 reflective optical sensors it decides the necessary path to the sit and define the path by lightening it. Therefore, the robot can detect and follow the white light path on the black surface to the sit and after waiting for a while beside the sit it comes back to its starting position. When the robot reachs its starting position the white line path disappears. New different ticket makes a new different path be lightened. The robot is controlled by PIC16F628A and I’ve used 5 CNY70 reflective sensors to detect the white line. There are  also 4 CNY70 reflective sensor in the ticket reading box to detect the ticket’s code.

I’ve actually made this robot by affecting Wall-e movie. As you remember the robots i that movie follow also the light paths on the axium’s surfaces to find their ways in order to serve. This is also a similar principle.

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I love the concept!
endeed! the concept is awesome!
will look forward to see more progress on this ;)

I've wanted to see a robot that followed a light path for a while after seeing Wall-E... This is beautiful.

I think it would be cool is if the light path was infrared, that way the person holding the ticket couldn't just follow the light path, instead it would have to follow the robot, either way, the concept is still the same, and I think it's awesome.   

Actually I've thought different models of this. May be it could be made by using LDR instead of CNY70 sensors, so it would be simpler. The autonomous path could be also used without a guide robot. However, I wanted to apply the line following principle into another concept. Perhaps, it will be helpful for people who are searching for new usage areas for line followers.

And also of course it would be great to see a robot like this working in cinema or somewhere else in our everyday's life.