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Navigate via IR, avoid obstacles, eat old people's medicine.

 01SEP09  Video

finally got him moving.  he's not exactly the brightest bulb, but i'm proud of him.  I had to redo the Tamiya gearbox down to the 203:1 from 58:1 to better work with the controller.  figured i'd leave his mistakes in the vids to mark later improvements, so don't make too much fun of him, he's trying.  also i'm marking him as complete, simply due to his completing his basic designation, but i'll definitely be making some tweaks.


24AUG09  Updated pics


this is my first real robotics project, after finding this site and learning about the wonders of PICAXE.  It's not my first electronics project, nor my first programming project (although I havent really done much since the late 80s)


Tamiya tracks and dual gear drive along with an Erector/Meccano set.  Basically it's a variant on the "Start Here" bot just to get into the mindset of making these work.  Much more is planned.


 The workbench


Basic Chassis:









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looks good. what sharp sensor are you using?
GP2D120 naturally, im still at the point where i must be spoon fed info, eventually ill be able to process this stuff on my own, but in the meantime ill go with what works and is cheap.  more pics are coming!
Nice bot, I like the tracks on it.
thanks, seemed to have more directional control than my other plan, which was to use the end of a toothbrush and a pager motor.
thats fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

I like this robot so much. It's also good for those who want to make their first robot.

it would be nice if u could link me the website where u got your tamiya gearbox + chasis

5 stars :D