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3 axis robot arm design

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Hello guys; Here is my first robot arm 5 axis design.The robot will be control through serial interface using microcontroller and PC based. The mechanical parts has been design using software Space Claim. Now im in process to laser cut the body ad maybe i can make is as a product to sell.Wait for another updates and happy robots.Please visit my website here: www.bizbot-technology.myportal.my

below is the video link:


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Looks interesting. I might suggest adding some kind of support in the arm to prevent it flexing or skewing if pushed sideways. Anything like horizontal plates or bars would make it a ton more rigid.
Finally i added a support at the center of the arm and it looks strong and much stable.
Yes.Thanks brother. I might put a horizontal bar to get more rigid body.
Can you make the picture brighter ? I am interested to see the gripper design.

Is it really 5 axis? I see there's 5 servos, but arent the two bottom servos paired into one axis, and the same with the "elbow" joint. And then one servo as gripper...?

Am I picking nitts now?

So will you add a swivel at the base and a joint at the wrist to bring the arm into compliance with the post title?  ; j
I change the name to 3 axis robot.actually the base can rotate 360 degree.Later i will add onother joint to make it 4 DOF.Then i the gripper can rotate 180 degree lefty and right make it 5DOF robot.
You're correct, the arm design has 3 degrees of freedom. If either the lower or middle pairs of servos do not move in unison the arm will experience torsional stress at the end-effector plate, resisting further movement.

Checkout my video.I upload the video that show the robot pick and place relay into a container

in fast way.

and how much do they cost?