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Printable Arduino manual with ALL commands

Well I now have received my first arduino (duemilanova), having used PICAXEs for a few years,  but have a problem.

I do not have internet at home, where I do the programming, and cannot find a printable version of the arduino language manual (if there is one!).  I download a couple of basic 'beginners' manuals and printed them off, as well as the extended language reference.  My main problem comes in that some of the examples seem to be using commands not in the extended reference. 


A case for example is strtok and strtol.  Is there a complete language manual anywhere that can be printed out?  Is it just a case of all standard C language commands are used, without header files?


Any pointers very welcome



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liquidid_l62ubk's suggestion of the avr-libc doc is very good, but doesn't appear to come wih every Arduino installation (at least it's not in mine, v17 for linux). Anyway, you can get the same doc here in PDF or gzipped HTML.

The Arduino extended reference is installed with the IDE. You can get to it through the Help menu.

I'd also recommend hitting atmel.com and grabbing the appropriate datasheet for the ATMega in your Arduino (should be ATMega168 or ATMega328, though the datahseet may be the same for both). The datasheets have some handy C examples in them.

This is an interesting read, "Efficient C Coding for AVR", from atmel.com.

Another thing that could help, download craploads of code examples ;) Wherever you find a snippet or sample, grab it so you can refer to it later. It doesn't always have to be related to what you're doing either.

Some of this stuff is pretty long (the ATMega datasheet is 448 pages), so you may want to just throw all this on a thumb drive or something instead of killing trees ;)

Thanks for the replies and encouragment - I realise I am in the minority these days being without internet at home but here in Australia we just don't get good value.

It is also very frustrating reading good info while here at work and then having to wait to test it in the evening. I have Kernigan & Richie 'C' manual at home from when trying to learn it for PC - my mind doesn't want to seem to think straight in the language for some reason which is why I am trying on the Arduino - going to a different platform hopefully will 'trick' my mind to stop thinking in LISP which is the programming language I am most used to.



which is in the Arduino IDE distribution under hardware/tools/avr/doc. This is the subset of the C standard library that is available for the Atmel microcontrollers.

Without internet the process of learning programming might just become really slow.

Get a C book at the library if you still feel its [not] worth it. 

Thanks Gareth,


The first link was to the extended reference that I already have.  Your second link, while good still doesn't seem to encompass all commands - and needs internet access.  Might need to fork out the $50 / month for access just for the reference .

 Interestingly the Arduino 900 page manual doesnot mention strlok or strtol either. I am getting very confused here.




Hang in there - "Arduino Rocks" 

Everthing is possible - just finding the info is a pain (the confusing part).

Arduino has a very good "C" base - not all commands are included - so beware.......

Additional commands can only be accessed by Libraries which you have to include in your code - reliable libraries are found on the arduino site.