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Hole size on a mini servo horn? (+ where to find hex spacers)

Hi, i've got some miniature servos like this ones :


and i'd like to know the size of the holes on the horn, but not the center hole, the other ones which are pretty small... Does anyone know what kind of screws i need? M1 maybe?

Actually, instead of screws, nuts and bolts would be perfect for me, do you know if (and where) i can find those at that size?

And i'm also looking for that :


i think it's called spacers or standoff (M3 size, in different lengths), but they're seem to be hard to find when you don't want to buy a thousand of them, does someone have a good address (which delivers worldwide) for that kind of stuff?

(i saw them on Mr Basic for the PCB, but i know that (unfortunatly) for now Dagu only sells what's on the list so...)


Thanks a lot!

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Well, thanks to the Caterpillar Manual and OddBot in the shoutbox, i can answer my own question...

So in the caterpillar they use M2 self-tapping screws. It works because they're self-tapping, meaning it won't work with M2 nuts and bolts which would be too big (so maybe M1 nuts, but i don't have any to try).

I tried but they only have M3 screws minimum, and no spacers... :(

I still have to try the RC shop...

My nearby hardware/home improvement centre has bolts as small as M2 and screws even smaller, plus spacers like what you are after.

Is there a hardware shop in your town you can check out?