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Hexapod of the second world war!

just walk
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 Sorry if I hurt posted. this is my first post, and I'm not very good in English :) 


My very first robot.... I know it's… a just toy, it's a real stupid, to begin on robotics it’s not the thing with which to start, It is more an artistic thing rather than robotics.
It’s because I am there where there is anything for creating robots, we have just simple electronic components

Ps : This country is Algeria and I suffer…..lol

Well, I was 17 years I was a little naive and I just started, I have other more interesting creation : )… I'll post after



0 - My géographique location lol

1 - How to tip the robot on each side with small motors (and without gear wheel to increase power because the use of gear wheel is very complicated and needs to be precise).

2 - Rotate the motor in both directions (I haven’t found a "L298")



1 - On turning a bolt that moves the paw (a pen cut in half) in this way we can push heavy things with low power (very effective).

2 - Use 3 relays + buttons that we found in mouse (KLIK KLIK!) At strategic points.

Materials used:

- aluminum.

- There is no micro processor because at that time I did not know programmed it !  juste 3 relays

- 4 motors was recovering like this ---->  


 How does it walke : 




For the circuit that controls the robot .... 3 years are past! I don't remember, it is complicated, all I can say is that it's full of wire that connects the relay and the mouse button to allow the robot to walk.

how dose the middle leg made: 




Nb: for stop the leg you must use a button because if the leg go up it well be blocked, and the motor can’t return  3_0.JPG



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I m sorry BOA it's a bolt not a screw ! now it must be clear 

and sorry again for my languege in Algeria it's the French 2nd language :)


"Screws", "nuts", "bolts", "spacers", "standoff"... i experienced the same problem with OddBot yesterday... As this site is very international one day we should make a big glossary with all the common "technical" terms (meaning terms we don't learn in school but are useful for robotic hobbyists!) in different languages... French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian etc etc... and their translation in English and why not a picture?

It could really help!

Nonsense. I keep telling folk around here that their English is fine. My experience of people who aren't native English speakers is that their English is BETTER than those who were born speaking it!!

I was aware that you had diffficulty finding materials, so you may well have used a "simple" screw rather than a "machine" screw.

Do you still have the platform? Let's revivie it!!

I think he's saying that what some call a bolt, others call a screw...ectect.

Aw, screw this. I get the message.

Right now, if the platform is still in good condition, it look slike it's a good enough design that we could stick a PIC in it.

I haven't the platform I needed it for another project :'(

but even if I wanted to do it again I do it another way... its very complicated like these 

good effort man