Let's Make Robots!


Autonomously follow "AM" by following the signal beacon in her necklace

This isn't my first robot, but it is the first one I'm posting on here.  After reading through  Tobi , I figured I should put this one on here.  I really wish I had taken more pictures of the development process.  The wife is sorting through the 236 pictures I have of it on my old phone right now.  Yes, that is 236, not a typo.  Some I can't post here because of the location I was taking them at, and still have standing non-disclosure agreements with that company.  

No there are no typos in the cost, and time ... this is a STILL ongoing project, because someone said I couldn't do it EXACTLY how I was explaining.  This has taken over 5 years, off and on, and switching things around a lot.

I'm going to be switching the controller again to the Parallax Propeller (8  processors can't be beat)

I'm mainly learning how to post on here, and I will DRASTICALLY clean this up soon 


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more beefy robotics!

great start, hope to see more 'metal heads' on here :D

that would be sooo useful in my mark2.5 project