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Autonomously follow "AM" by following the signal beacon in her necklace

This isn't my first robot, but it is the first one I'm posting on here.  After reading through  Tobi , I figured I should put this one on here.  I really wish I had taken more pictures of the development process.  The wife is sorting through the 236 pictures I have of it on my old phone right now.  Yes, that is 236, not a typo.  Some I can't post here because of the location I was taking them at, and still have standing non-disclosure agreements with that company.  

No there are no typos in the cost, and time ... this is a STILL ongoing project, because someone said I couldn't do it EXACTLY how I was explaining.  This has taken over 5 years, off and on, and switching things around a lot.

I'm going to be switching the controller again to the Parallax Propeller (8  processors can't be beat)

I'm mainly learning how to post on here, and I will DRASTICALLY clean this up soon 


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that would be sooo useful in my mark2.5 project


more beefy robotics!

great start, hope to see more 'metal heads' on here :D

Greetings, and welcome to LMR. I'm intrigued by your project so far and am looking forward to seeing more about it. Sounds like quite a lot went into it.

The editor doesn't allow HTML to be entered directly. You can use the buttons above the text box to change some characteristics of your post, shift+enter creates a <br />, and enter makes a </p><p>. I can't run Chrome yet (no winders here ;) so I don't know how it handles the WYSIWYG editor we use. I do hope to have more formatting options available in the editor in the future, after a couple rounds of updates are done.

Anyway, I can't figure out how to get the HTML to render right on here, can someone help me with that?  I'm using Google chrome if that matters

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