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interface with atmega8 with parallel port

Does anybody of LMR knows how to for example turn port D0 on the atmega8 with the pc linked to the atmega8?

For example when I start this program the atmega8 turns on port D0 and when I turn an other program on port D1 turns on.

Which program do I need and what circuit do I need?

Can somebody give me an example program?







Danny Temmerman

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Would it be possible to use hyperterminal to send commands out a specific port? I really have no idea if it would work but it was my first thought.

If all you want is the PC to interpret voice commands and switch appliances on and off you can skip the atmega altogether and just use the parallel port. There are a whole bunch of pins which can be individually turned on and off.

I`m sure someone on the internet has done it before.