Let's Make Robots!

push up robot

it does pushup exersise

this robot is simble and could be made in an hour  ( sorry,video quality is low )

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i'm not sure this qualifies as a robot (i can't see how the power to the engine is controlled so can't be sure).

It interacts with its environment.... I'd say its a robot ;)

the power to the engine is direct

This is an erector-set project.

Accoridng to http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=robot&sub=Search+WordNet&o2=&o0=1&o7=&o5=&o1=1&o6=&o4=&o3=&h=0

I would like to think Princeton has some weight in defining a robot.


S: (n) automaton, robot, golem (a mechanism that can move automatically)


Just a motor, battery and a bit of motion.
A robot "is an electric machine which has some ability to interact with physical objects and to be given electronic programming to do a specific task or to do a whole range of tasks or actions. It may also have some ability to perceive and absorb data on physical objects, or on its local physical environment, or to process data, or to respond to various stimuli. This is in contrast to a simple mechanical device such as a gear or a hydraulic press or any other item which has no processing ability and which does tasks through purely mechanical processes and motion."
That's just it. There are hundreds of definitions. No one definition is deemed to be the end all rule the world definition. I doubt there ever will be one.
Eventually, as the consumer robotics industry develops, a legal definition should arise in the event a robot somehow becomes involved in a legal case.
If robots become advanced enough to be considered more than just tools, I'd suspect that we'd start using an entirely seperate term for such AI automata.