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Question: Turn on a pin on a parallel port

I need a program to control a pin on the parallel port.

It need to work on windows xp and it needs to turn only one pin on.

The idea is to turn port D1 on with program: Pport1 for example

and D8 with an other program

so that with my project with voice control I just need to start the program with the voice control softwareto turn the port on.







Danny Temmerman

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Simple Google search returned these results: 

http://logix4u.net/Legacy_Ports/Parallel_Port/A_tutorial_on_Parallel_port_Interfacing.html >>

 http://www.beyondlogic.org/spp/parallel.htm >> Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port

 http://aaroncake.net/electronics/qblpt.htm >> How to program the parallel port in Qbasic 

 http://aaroncake.net/electronics/vblpt.htm >> How to program the parallel port in Visial Basic


Try doing a search before posting questions.

Google helps a lot finding stuff dannytemmerman ;)