Let's Make Robots!

After the failure of the Quadruped....the come back THE IR bObOt !

avoid obstacles
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Héyo it’s a serious business gays! 

The IR bobot avoiding obstacles with perfection! It’s my first true programming robot !

Meanwhile the official video (I haven’t with what filmed it), Here is a video (bad quality) where I sent the robot to explore (video3) under my bed (it hasn’t found anything interesting, he just messed up some spider home lol).

The other is where I tested the PIBT (Philips IR bObOt télécommande) (video4) 

Video 1 is with the first style ! I change it after because of some mechanic problems.




 after change..



 The robot was created with a cemetery of plastic ... hihi


IR bObOt withe PIBT 


My finger after the injury in the Quadruped

But I still screw up





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good job! be sure to be more careful, looks very very painful!
lol  ok mum ! *_*

Haha interesting build log. You can make some great stuff from a plastic cemetery!

With all those injuries maybe you shouldn`t build robots with your eyes closed :)