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The XK-1 will be released to users who make it through to the next round of the XMOS challenge. With the XK-1 users can actually implement their project proposals.  This board is currently not available to the general public for purchace just yet. If this board is of interest to you, and you were not involved in the XMOS challenge, please feel free to contact us to register your interest.



The joy of many XK1 devices

The XK-1 is a low cost development board intended for exploring and designing event-driven processor designs based on the XS1-L1 device. Multiple XK-1 boards can be linked together in a chain and two I/O expansion areas are provided for connecting additional components to the XK-1. An XTAG-2 debug adapter can be connected to the XK-1 to provide a JTAG interface to the board from a PC. The XK-1 can be powered directly from the XTAG-2 connector or from an external 5V power supply.

Each XK-1 Development Kit includes an XK-1 Development Board and XTAG-2 Debug Adapater.

XK-1 Board Features

  • Single XS1-L1 device
  • 400 MIPS
  • Just 50mm x 50mm in size (board)
  • Eight threads
  • 64Kbytes RAM
  • 8Kbytes OTP memory
  • 128Kb SPI FLASH
  • Four user-configurable LEDs and two push-button switches
  • Two 20-way XSYS connectors for XTAG-2 debug adapter and additional XK-1s
  • Two 16-way IDC headers for connecting additional components
    • 24 I/O user expansion
  • Powered direclty from XTAG-2 adapter or external 5V power supply

Development Tools


UPDATE: The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:


It is VITAL that XK-1 users use this release or above as the XK1 is not supported in previous versions.

 As for anyone else - you will probably appreciate some of the cool new features:



Still linear, but in the shape of a cube.

Please note - this is still a linear chain of XK1's - but in the shape of a cube. Potentially useful for using many XK1s in a tight space, and it looks cool, so I thought I would post it.


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how much will it cost ?
It is currently not available for sale just yet. I will let you know when I know!

Just for your info:-

The xk1pb.pdf contains a broken link :-


Sorry - it is not live on our site just yet. Should have said.

The XK1 is not publically available yet. You will have your hands on some HOT fresh from the XMOS labs technology!

By the time you get it we will have documentation we can give you so do not worry!


please include one for me...

You can easily power it through the JTAG-> USB dongle for now and later check out 2nd hand shops or ask your rellies for old power adapters. With most retail electronics these days the gadget breaks before the power adapter does! There should be surplus around everywhere that you can chop a plug off of.

Don`t forget right at the start xmos said everything not included in the kit will have to be supplied by yourself.

The green board part is 50mm x 50mm in size.

If you want to boot from Flash or an SD card, then yes you will need some form of bootloader. However,  I am pretty sure we have code lying around to do that which we can provide should you need it to automatically launch some file.

Once you can get one program running you can take over the world. As ezekiel181 said, if you dont want to get invovled in that, then program goes into its RAM and is executed after you have uploaded via JTAG usb dongl.

Indeed, I can't wait till these bad boys are out on the market!


And well, I have a job! haha this unemployment thing is killing me!

Calculon likes. Calculon wants ...