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Project robot actuators ....stupid ?


there's some months I managed to create éléctric actuators, consume 3v and powerful enough to create a small robot, but now I do not know what to do with it :s

I made these actuators to create a hexapod robot, but now when I think it seems me stupid and it will be too expensive to undertake ... I'm so broke :D



 the system looks like this 


I changed the shape of the robot to have fewer legs therefore less expensive, but now it seems even more stupid I do not find the motivation to build it :s




like you see the robot can avoid a lot of obstacles he will adjust his legs depending on terrain so it can overcome many obstacles.

You said what? Do you have another idea to use its actuators smarter? 



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It's hard to beat RC servos for a well put together and cheap actuator. They could be made to drive the lead screw legs if that was what you wanted. The linear legs are interesting but I'm not sure they really provide much of an advantage over other legs.  The hexapod Attila used some linear adtuators, though in a different configuration than yours.