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Hallo everybody, this is my first LMR entry (not the first robot I build)

I made this delta robot over the weekend.

About two week ago i saw a video of an industrial delta robot and i was intrigued by the simplicity of the principle but the complexity of the movements it could make.
So i thought, I'm gonna make one.

So i bought three servos some ball joints and some aluminum strip.
The metal base plate I had laying around. Just as some some nuts and bolts.
I used an arduino i took out of another robot i build (i will post that one here two)

I programmed the arduino so it reads serial data, and I made a mouse interface that sends the serial data.

And in actually turned out to be as simple as I thought it to be.

But now I have a delta bot I should do something with it.
I'm not quite sure what.
I had the idea to make more of these and use them as lags for a two, four or six legged robot.
It will work well I think, but it's a bit expansive to make six of these.

Delta bot and it's interface

Delta bot and it's interface
















Top view

Top view

















 Delta Bot

Delta bot


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Or could you please tell me how did u make the mouse interface to control the robot?I will be grateful.

Hello.Could u please give me a msn id,yahoo messenger id to talk with you.I really need help with my robot.Please.I will explain on chat what is about.Hope u understand me.Thanks.Have a great day.

have you ever seen ferrofluid i was thinking if you made some and put it on a stand over your delta bot with a magnet ontop of the bot and use ur phone to control the ferrofluid that would be really cool

Hi guys! At the end I have realized my own delta robot. I controll it via iPhone accelerometer. I also have implemented inverse kinematics. As soon as possible I will pubblish some implementation details. Here is my parallel robot on youtube:



Best, Filippo

Hi guys! I would like to manage this delta robot via iphone. I found a way to control arduino via iphone. You can see an example in this link:


Could someone help me to modify processing code to communicate with TouchOSC? I think I could use a XY pads? Is it possible?
Please help me. Thanks a lot, Filippo

I have written a draft. Could someone check it please? Ufortunely I haven't an iphone for testing. Anyway someone could check my new processing code. Basically I have changed just some rows. Here my code:


import oscP5.*;        //  Load OSC P5 library
import netP5.*;        //  Load net P5 library
import processing.serial.*;

OscP5 oscP5;//  Set oscP5 as OSC connection
Serial myPort;    // The serial port:

int servo1 = 0;
int servo2 = 0;
int servo3 = 0;
int serialBegin = 255;

float X,Y

void setup() {

  myPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[1], 115200);



void oscEvent(OscMessage theOscMessage) {   //  This runs whenever there is a new OSC message

    String addr = theOscMessage.addrPattern();  //  Creates a string out of the OSC message
    // if(addr.indexOf("/1/toggle") !=-1){   // Filters out any toggle buttons

void draw() {


triangle(width/2, height, 0, 200, width, 200);

servo1 = 100-int(dist(width/2,0,X,Y)/6);
servo2 = 100-int(dist(0,height,X,Y)/6);
servo3 = 100-int(dist(width,height,X,Y)/6);

println("X "+X);
println("Y "+Y);


if (servo1 < 0){

if (servo2 <0){

if (servo3 <0){

if (mousePressed && (mouseButton == LEFT)) {
servo1 -= 20;
servo2 -= 20;
servo3 -= 20;
if (mousePressed && (mouseButton == RIGHT)) {
servo1 += 40;
servo2 += 40;
servo3 += 40;

//println("servo1 "+servo1);
//println("servo2 "+servo2);
//println("servo3 "+servo3);



Fantastic job! Could you please tell us some more details? For exaple PushRods length and basament disposition. Where can I buy PushRods like this?

thanks a lot to all of you.

Thanks for posting your bot, it inspired me to copy and enhance... See my blog post at http://prutsers.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/delta-robot-using-wii-and-arduino/ 

The enhancements are:

- control using a Wii Nunchuck

- proper XYZ positioning, full inverse kinematics

- standalone, all calculations done on Arduino

Thanks again, have fun!

I have no word to express my impresion,i just want to say i want to make one .

Can you tell me which servos did you use in this delta robot?