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Delta bot

Copy mouse movement (for now)
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Hallo everybody, this is my first LMR entry (not the first robot I build)

I made this delta robot over the weekend.

About two week ago i saw a video of an industrial delta robot and i was intrigued by the simplicity of the principle but the complexity of the movements it could make.
So i thought, I'm gonna make one.

So i bought three servos some ball joints and some aluminum strip.
The metal base plate I had laying around. Just as some some nuts and bolts.
I used an arduino i took out of another robot i build (i will post that one here two)

I programmed the arduino so it reads serial data, and I made a mouse interface that sends the serial data.

And in actually turned out to be as simple as I thought it to be.

But now I have a delta bot I should do something with it.
I'm not quite sure what.
I had the idea to make more of these and use them as lags for a two, four or six legged robot.
It will work well I think, but it's a bit expansive to make six of these.

Delta bot and it's interface

Delta bot and it's interface
















Top view

Top view

















 Delta Bot

Delta bot


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I used the cheapest servo's i could find.
Go to www.conrad.nl and search for number 233751 - 89 (sorry no direct link possible with conrad :-S )

Hope it helps.

And those metal sticks that keep the servos connected with this thing on the top of your  delta robot where did you get them?

I would like to make one above my table and attach a griper :D now how does that sound?

i am having some problems with your Arduino
code the error is.

 In function 'void loop()':
error: 'serialTeller' was not declared in this scope

can you help me


i got it

int serialTeller;



Great .. !







And how do i burn the code onto arduino? i dont see any option as such to do so in the gui of processing....

You did RTFM(website) right? Everything is explained for beginners. A little research and 2 seconds with google would have taken you there.

Maybe you should start simpler, by getting an LED to flash, then test out some servos and play with serial data before you jump right in the deep end.

The code's compiling, but to which pins do i connect my servos(signal)? 11, 12, 13?(from arduino code)
Nop, can you help me figure out how i can get away with processing? I'm a Newbie :(