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Hallo everybody, this is my first LMR entry (not the first robot I build)

I made this delta robot over the weekend.

About two week ago i saw a video of an industrial delta robot and i was intrigued by the simplicity of the principle but the complexity of the movements it could make.
So i thought, I'm gonna make one.

So i bought three servos some ball joints and some aluminum strip.
The metal base plate I had laying around. Just as some some nuts and bolts.
I used an arduino i took out of another robot i build (i will post that one here two)

I programmed the arduino so it reads serial data, and I made a mouse interface that sends the serial data.

And in actually turned out to be as simple as I thought it to be.

But now I have a delta bot I should do something with it.
I'm not quite sure what.
I had the idea to make more of these and use them as lags for a two, four or six legged robot.
It will work well I think, but it's a bit expansive to make six of these.

Delta bot and it's interface

Delta bot and it's interface
















Top view

Top view

















 Delta Bot

Delta bot


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Hi mjcbruin!

I found an interesting program in C language to calculate X Y Z based on the angles of the three servos and the other way around (you want to go to X Y Z, what angles must the servos have?) I translated this into a Visual Basic 6.0 program.

Would you be able to test this ? I plan to build my own Deltabot, but that will take some time...You are living in the Netherlands??


My name is Oscar Im new in this forum, Can you send me a source code that you have in C or VB 6.0 please?



A good example of an industrial deltabot on BotJunkie : the FlexPicker.

When I compile the code posted above, it's giving an error:

 In function 'void loop()':
error: 'serialTeller' was not declared in this scope

whats wrong?


serialTeller hasn`t been declared, so basically the Arduino doesn`t know what it`s supposed to be. In C you must declare variables before they are used.

I`m not sure what it is supposed to be so you might have to wait until the author comes back to respond. He did say it`s not in english, so if anyone knows what Teller means it could give a clue as to its purpose.

As a start try adding the line int serialTeller; up at the top with the other variables.