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Hallo everybody, this is my first LMR entry (not the first robot I build)

I made this delta robot over the weekend.

About two week ago i saw a video of an industrial delta robot and i was intrigued by the simplicity of the principle but the complexity of the movements it could make.
So i thought, I'm gonna make one.

So i bought three servos some ball joints and some aluminum strip.
The metal base plate I had laying around. Just as some some nuts and bolts.
I used an arduino i took out of another robot i build (i will post that one here two)

I programmed the arduino so it reads serial data, and I made a mouse interface that sends the serial data.

And in actually turned out to be as simple as I thought it to be.

But now I have a delta bot I should do something with it.
I'm not quite sure what.
I had the idea to make more of these and use them as lags for a two, four or six legged robot.
It will work well I think, but it's a bit expansive to make six of these.

Delta bot and it's interface

Delta bot and it's interface
















Top view

Top view

















 Delta Bot

Delta bot


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Here`s a suggestion, stick a marker on it and have it draw PCB traces for etching :)

I got a pack of tamiya ball joints last week to do this but they don`t have the same range of motion as yours. From eyeballing it I would guess they can move about 10-15 degrees either way from center but I was hoping for much more. I`m wondering how much approximately is the maximum angle the ball joints on yours can move?

I found these ball joints. Unlike the tamiya these have no bolt on the ball and just from the picture they have a much greater degree of freedom.

I have used these ball joints, but I used smaller nuts, these. That creates some extra movement.

Further, I haven't done anything with the delta bot yet, no time :(
But I thought a cutter would be cool, so you could carve 3D objects from plastic foam or something.
Although I think the programming could get a little complex.

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