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Circuit Diagram Programs

Oi all,

some of you might be following the conversation on 780. I am attempting to make a nice diagram on my computer and was trying to find a GOOD PCB or diagram design program. I have now waisted 2 1/2 hours on one that I just had difficulties with. I have a design but don't like it. I think it looks scrammbled and an hour of the time was spent just naming 2 different kinds of picaxe chips the 08 and the 28x1

all help is appreciated as usual

thanks all


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I have installed these on Linux, but have not had a chance to actually use them more than a few minutes:

PCB homepage: http://pcb.sf.net
gEDA homepage: http://www.geda.seul.org
Oregano homepage: http://arrakis.gforge.lug.fi.uba.ar/

PCB has an autorouter and trace optimizer and uses gEDA under the covers, Ithink.

Oregano is Linux/BSD/Darwin, but has schematic capture and circuit simulation.

All are released under GPL


I've tried out ExpressPCB (http://www.expresspcb.com). It's easy to use and you can order the PCB's directly from within the program though I've never tried ordering from them.

I use Eagle: http://www.cadsoft.de/

I also use Eagle. It seems you just want to produce a tidy schematic. There is also a PCB designer included and the demo version even has a working autorouter. That may not be much use unless you can etch your own boards.

If, on the other hand you just want to produce a PCB, look here. It's in French (you can't have it all) but there's nothing to learn, unlike EAGLE, which is quite a steep learning curve.