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XMOS XC-1 Development Kit

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NOTE: THE XC1-A HAS REPLACED THIS BOARD SEE: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/16247?s=l

The XC-1 XCard is a fast and cost effective route to trying out your design ideas using the latest multi-threaded XMOS silicon.

The XC-1 is featured here as it will be used for some projects in the XMOS challenge that can truly make use of the 4 cores.

  • Four-core XS1-G4 programmable device
  • 16 user-configurable LEDs and 4 push buttons
  • Speaker for use with a software-driven 1-bit DAC
  • 0.1" pitch through-holes for four 16-way IDC headers and prototyping area for additional components
  • Powered directly from the host workstation's USB port which also serves as the debug connection
  • Credit card sized (85 x 54 mm)

The XC-1 Development Kit includes the XC-1 card and USB programming/power cable.


Getting Started




Development Tools


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UPDATE: The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:


It is VITAL that XK-1 users use this release or above as the XK1 is not supported in previous versions.

 As for anyone else - you will probably appreciate some of the cool new features:




Our XC1 dev kits currently require a USB connection to function. This is being worked on for the future, but for now here is a link on how to hack your XC1 dev kit so that it does not need to be constantly connected to USB (Handy if your robot needs to move about):





I just had to add this! I found this while browsing the forums over at http://xmoslinkers.org :

Includes a hello-world demonstration + explanation of code and.. well, alot! Very useful:D



Please feel free to post links to stuff you feel may aid others. I tried to include all the default documents, but if there are others you find on our community site or our own site, or anywhere for that matter, do post them!