Let's Make Robots!

Ordered all the parts in "How to make your first robot"

I ordered them 2 days ago, I hope i didnt miss anything. it took me about 5 hours to read up and make absolutely sure i knew what i was buying. took me long because i was also comparing prices.

i had no tools so i bought them too. the 3 stores i used were pololu, sparkfun and hobby engineering. The whole "first robot" package if you have absolutely nothing, is realistically about $170 (includes tax and shipping)

Seems everyone else got other cool stuff like treads, sonic sensors. etc. I hope i can re-use the parts i got in tandem with some better parts when its time to make robot number 2

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i dont like hobby engineering theyre in california... im in california... yet the parts i ordered from colorado and nevada arrived first. >:-(

Yep, altogether it's costing me about $170 as well. I had NOTHING to get started with, so I had to go and buy it all. I think I've got everything on it's way that I'll need for my bot... we'll see though.

I bought some big tractor tires too so I'll be using those instead of the standard wheels that come with my motors.

Hopefully I should have it all in my hands within a week. HobbyEngineering is moving their base, so they aren't shipping for a few days... Urgh... Just means a few more days delay I suppose.

I wish I saw this before I started putting my robot together.

if you're new to soldering i would advise you to check this page too, it helped me a lot.


 anyways the money i spent is similar to vince's

Got all my stuff for around 85$ except the motoer driver wich cost me 15 bucks with the shipping...