Let's Make Robots!

Thumbs up for Robotics!

My first batch of bits has arrived and I've been cobbling together some homemade cables, breadboard jumpers, a soldering iron stand and a handy grab thing. I was going to write about them, but it turns out I might need that handy grab thing a bit more now, because half way through attempting to cut a hole in my project box, I thought it would be a super idea, to chop the end of my thumb off.


I'm so special.

Well seeing as my job is basically typing, and my hobbies include cycling and playing the piano, I can't see this being an inconvenience at all.

Maybe it's back to the breadboard tonight; leave the construction until I can apply pressure with my Tom Thumb again, without crying like Thumbalina.

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Good to hear that you finaly got started building, though! 

Wait till you burn yourself with the soldering iron. It is so bizarre, it smells nice, like food if it is really hot.. Toasted pig or something. Seriously!

I soldered my thumb on my fourth soldering job. It was nice. A big glob of molten solder landed on my finernail. It smelled like my hair caught fire.

I brushed the soldering iron on the back of my hand once, whilst trying to juggle holding about 4 things. After that I decided to make a stand and grippy thing. Apart from the BBQ ambience, I found the circus of cutting my thumb up to be far more exciting.

My flat mates all engaged in a kind of reserved academic panic. While I stood over the kitchen sink trying to staunch the flow, they all ran away and came back leafing through first aid books.

"I don't think this counts as a severed limb"

*flick*, *flick*

"It's not really a palm wound, but it is on the hand"


"I would really like someone to stop the bleeding please."

Don't sweat it. I come from a family that is rich on butchers, and they tend to be missing all kinds of limbs. You'll be cutting away other limbs in no time :-D


Maybe this site should be renamed "Let's hurt ourselves making robots!"?

I haven't had the "pleasure" of hurting myself yet while doing robot work, but it sounds like a thing to look forward to! :-)

Du you have finer nails and uglyer nails? Mine are more or less the same. I would like just one finer nail!

Nails are horn, like hair. Skin are like what pigs are on the outside.