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This project is based on my picaxe version of the mini ir beacon.

Some ideas to expand on this are:

Addition of phototransistors to sense an ir signal and aim the com portion of the beacon towards the target. This could be effective for transmitting location data or possibly map dataThe beacon could possibly have a link to a base station to report on bots in the vacinity.

Addition of a distance sensor for inital maping of local. This may be ommited as it adds extra detail that may not be useful.

Addition of a config panel with a set of 4 led's to output current settings based on bit values.

An array of emmiters(circular) that would would blink in series with beacon id info.

Components would be modular for ease of building out and expanding the complete module.

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Just a small update.

Got the xmos chip this weekend and have been playing with it to understand more of how things work.  I've gone through 3 of 4 of the tutorials as I was modifying them quite a bit to test my changes to make sure I understand it all.

Found an issue in the docs that was resolved(yay!) by Xmos. 

Will be looking into the  figuring out how to do the timing for the carrier frequency. I have an idea of possibly how to do this, but I'll want to make sure that it makes sense.