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Work has begun

I'm adding this as a blog entry rather than a new robot project because its still somewhat in the design phase. I started working on my project board today, installing a bi color LED, l293D, as well as wiring it up to the programming jack. The only reason the 293D has nothing hooked up is because i'm waiting till tomorrow so I can run out to radioshack and pick up some screw terminals for the motors.


Otherwise, as you can see I have both an RX and TX unit waiting to be hooked up along with an LCD w/ serial backpack, also eeproms but they're not in the picture. I'm hoping to use either an 8m or 14m picaxe to send the serial data and have the 40x1 recieve it, however I have not a clue as to how they need to be wired up. As for the LCD I assume the RX port is hooked up to the serial out on the 40x1. 

Otherwise, expect to see an update soon.

 Also more info on the RX and TX modules:



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i need help man. give me the retard's version of your raio interface...