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Universal Hubs for Dagu wheels

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Dagu has a nice range of wheels, particularly Omni wheels but until now it has been difficult to mount them. I have now designed some universal hubs that allow you to fit our wheels easily onto either continuous rotation servos or our geared motors. Below is some photos showing how our small double omni wheel (used on Mr. Tidy) fits easily on a servo or geared motor. The hub is a press fit, you tap it gently into the wheel with a small hammer and the outer spline digs into the plastic wheel for a tight fit that will not slip or fall out.

One end is designed for a standard servo the other for the geared motors, they are aluminium and come with a screw that fits both motors. Price will vary according to what sized wheel they adapt to. They are sold with the wheels they adapt to in pairs. Contact Claudia to order them.








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the title of:

KING OF THE MOMENT! you make parts right when I need them. are you telapathetic or psychotic? because I need all this awesome stuff, and im going to order just about everything you have in 2 weeks.

do these things fit micros?

Are they hard plastic? I found out the hard way hard plastic are useless unless mabe on a rubber floor.

Would these fit the Mr Basic chassis?

very impresed by the quality and ingenuity of your work Oddbot

Tom J 

I can't take all the credit though, Gao is our top engineer and makes my ideas look good.

I am working on making them fit Mr. Basic, the ones in the photos are first samples.

china seems to have been a god send for you odd
i think when you release the mr basic addapters i will be getting some.
mr basic shall never be the same
Tom J


Hi Oddbot,


Just a quick note - different brands of servos have a different number of splines on the output shaft, you will oftern find that a spare arm in the spares box does not fit onto the servo you want. 



At this point the adaptors are made to suit a servo that we have had modified at the factory for continuous rotation. We will sell these servos seperately for those who want them.

Standard size Futaba has 25 splines, standard HiTec has 24, JR has 24 too I think, but a smaller diameter. These are the primary servos that are seen commonly in the US, with others usually following simiar sizing to these.

I'm guessing that this is HiTec count and size? I have some old Cirrus and Bluebird servos that are HiTec sized. 

Some good info on post #9 here : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=769708

When we get servos from the factory they are unbranded so I don't know which servos these are destined to become if any. I count 24 splines so I belive this would be compatable with HiTec as you have guessed. It is not practical at this time to try and make different hubs for every servo available but since we can sell you the factory modified servos that they are designed for at a cheap price I don't think this will be a significant problem.
That must be so fun to be able to actually make whatever you think about! :)