Let's Make Robots!

Work in progress

First project board : )

Its basically a 40x1 hooked up to a l293d, with a bi-color LED. All the random pins are for either ground or power, with 2 being analogue in's for my 2 sharps (ping still isnt set up). I've also added a 5v regulator via oddbots schem. (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/3880) and will soon add a DC barrel plug so I can connect my 9v wall adapter when testing. 






Connect LCD w/ serial backpack to Serial out on picaxe? I'm not sure where the RX line goes, i've been looking at the bottom left diagram on page 34 of manual 3. Is that correct?

 I still need to add the RX module to the board and I have no clue how I hook it up. 

 Also EEPROMs; i may add a few later if needed.


I could just plug in the motors and put them on the bottom of the board and call it a robot, but im trying to find a decent chassis for this one.

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gahhhh.....scale and crop those images.....
heheheheh. ill replace them later when I update.
It looks beautiful! Good Job. Serial out to your lcd is simple: You can choose any output pin you want on the picaxe and use the serout command, this will go to the rx pin on the lcd. Keep it up --Man, you are making progress...
haha, thanks chris. Hopefully the coding works out as well. I'm definitely thinking about getting one of those eepom boards. Hows walter 2.0 coming?

So that's what you meant by high-res glory! :D Totally destroyed the shoutbox column! 

btw: that is a huge board 

hahaha, yeah I wanted my project board to look nice and neat on top. I'm also throwing a bunch of extra things in so I left some room.