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absolute noob :)


Hey there... :)

Glad to be here.... I came across this site while am doing some reading about "line follower Robot"  :)

I/my team have to build one as a school project. Just got the problem formulation yesterday.

Basic requirements: A Robot following a line :P

More  requirements: Implementation of an advanced feature!

My thoughts: I would love to have a fast robot with a CMOS camera mounted on it sending to a pc. I would also like to be able to remote control it (start/stop + manually movements) via bluetooth.

 What do you guys think? realistic?  





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If you only want to send the pictures to the pc a wireless camera will do the job. So, there is no need for a Picaxe or Arduino contoller to make image analysis. Put a servo or two servos on the robot and you will have a pan and tilt feature.

Gareths Mr. Flex use a wireless camera. The spy tank has an onbard camera and will give you a great robot platform.

For remote control Bluetooth, Xbee, RF or RC modules will work. There exist a lot of examples.



Also have a look at Robot Bravo. Pretty slick line follower using a camera.

Hey! Welcome to the site!:D


Yes it's very possible, but it's all going to depend on your hardware.. the Arduino and the Picaxe are going to be a bit slow for the picture. But they can easily handle the Bluetooth.

If the camera is a must, I'd look into the XMOS boards, much faster performance.


I've got to say though, if this is your first robot, start with the Start Here robot, then work up from there! Get the basics down, then you'll be good to go. (if this is your first board all together.. I'd get comfortable with it with all the Tutorials online)


I'd start with a bot as simple as that, and work up! So you don't bash your head in trying to figure everything out:D

Cheers thanks :)

I will read the link you posted :)