Let's Make Robots!

Sneak Preview of Navigate & Map (NaM) (XMOS)

Well, here's the early beginnings of my Xmos project.

A dead PS2 mouse, a micro servo, a Sharp GP2D12, and a WowWee Bugbot.

Yes, this is half (well, okay, slightly less than half) of the project. Figure I'll just build one to start off. Once I make it work then it's easier to build the second one.


TODO (in no particular order):

  • well, ya, all of it
  • decide if I really want to use the bugbot platform (ya, I don't think I do)
  • modify chassis to make room for optical encoders
  • make h-bridge carrier board thingy
  • wait for I2C ADC chips to arrive from Maxim-IC. (still waiting for order confirmation even...)
  • figure out communication protocol (talk to BOA about communications, to increase cross-robot abilities)(see here)
  • wait (patiently) for XMOS parts to arrive


Update 8 Sep. 2009
I think I've decided that the bugbot chassis is not suitable for what I want. Mostly the silly thing is just too bloody small. There's no room inside for the encoders, so I'd have to build an enclosure around its arse to hold them. Then by the time I built it up big enough to hold a servo, (at least) 4 AA batteries, PCB with h-bridge, A/D chip, and a small prototyping area, it'd overhang everywhere and look like Frankenstein's monsterbot. Might as well design up something instead and do it "right".

Back to ye olde drawing board...