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90 degree shaft

I would like to know how to change the direction of a shaft by 90 degrees (I want the output shafts of Mr. Basic to be 90 degrees down without moving the motors). Any suggestions/ideas ? (please focus more on how to mount the 'system' to the shafts). Thanks.

 PS: I know I could easily do that with two special gears, but I don't have and/or know where to buy them. Would it be possible to modify normal gears to fit this purpose? If so, how?

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My head is going to explode!...with so much info...

@maneuver: you got some mad paint skills

@ignoblegnome: =) =) =) great info...

I need to go now, but I'll come tomorrow to ask some more...thanks so far!

This should be easy enough. Mr. Basic already has the gears you need to turn the drive chain 90 degrees. The way the kit is assembled, the motors and gear box turn drive shafts that are parallel to the chassis.  Then each of the four drive shafs turns 90 degrees out and in the same plane as the chassis. The existing gears that allow the 90 degree rotation come in two types (two of each).


To get all four wheels turning forward with the motor mounted in the middle, the kit has to reverse the direction of the spin for the rear wheels.

To get four downward output shafts, you just need to rotate the axle shafts downward using the existing gears shown above.

The front axle gears (part 7) would mount above the drive gear (part 3 below), and the rear axle gears (part 8) would mount below the drive gear.


The tricky bit will be getting the downward shafts rotating in the direction you want them to. Do you want the downward shafts to rotate like in maneuver's post above?  If the stock axle gears don't turn the downward shafts the way you want, you may have to knock the gears off the axles, turn them around and remount them.

Imagine the two front wheels of a car that is moving forward. Both wheels turn forward, but if you look at the right wheel from the side, it will be turning clockwise. The left wheel from the side will be turning counter-clockwise.


So if you rotate both 90 degrees down, they will now both be turning from outside towards the center of the car.


You may be able to use the existing gears and reposition them so the shafts all turn the way you want, or knock off some of the gears from the axles and remount them turned around so they spin the way you like.

Good luck. I can't wait to see what you are planning!

So, you want to end up with 4 rotating axles, all pointing in the same dirrection (down)? is that it?


Like in this fantastic picture of a table with rotating black thingys?