Let's Make Robots!


avoids obstacles

BlueBot is a simple tracked robot controllable and programmable via Bluetooth (Bluetooth module OEMSPA310). Chasis based on Tamiya Track and Wheel Set is bought in our robotics shop and a little bit modified by me (the top plexi plate). The brain is ATmega88 MCU with burned bootloader based on AVR109 modified so that I can flash it over air (I don't have to press any button as usual). Motors are driven by L293D dual H-Bridge.


Bluetooth is also used for seeing data from sensor amd remote control. Java applications for PC and mobile phone with j2me are used for that.

BlueBot has GP2D120 infrared and SRF02 ultrasonic ranger used for obstacle aoviding and so.

I used 8 blue LEDs driven by 4094 8-Bit Shift Register/Latch for nice animations (can be seen on YouTube).


BlueBot is better descibed on knowhow.adamh.cz/BlueBot - you can translate it to English by clicking "English version" button. There also are more photos :-) One time I upload source codes, binaries, shcematics and PCB design there, it's an open construction.

 I've uploaded an video after a while :-)