Let's Make Robots!

mr Dozer

im redoing brainy basic into a much better robot.
ive looked and learnt with robotics this summer, ditching the picaxe which i didnt get on with for the arduino.
basically he will be a bulldozer but with attitude.

planning on using an arduino duemillanove 328 with dagu motor driver pcb for the brains and muscles. after that who knows apart from adding a blade and a urm37

edit using srf02 as had one lying around

things to do.
order commponents for body
design and build blade
possibly add jaws to blade (edit: idea scrapped)
order roboduino and motor sheild

after talking with telefox in the shoutbox i am going to use a servo to lift the dozer blade 

Tom J



program ideas.


My ideas for the behavior,

instead of avoiding obstacles the bulldozer will actively seek objects out. using two small skid wheels the rear wheels will be lifted off the ground to provide better manouverability, yet they can be lowered for traction.

 once object is within a certain range the bulldozer will align its self head on with object and lower the blade, and head towards it.

once blade makes contact with object the  skid wheels will be raised allowing full traction from the m basic chassis. once object has been pushed for a certain length of time then robot will become "bored" and abandon the object in search of other things to push around