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Walter 2.1 Walter Gets His Voice!

*** Update 9.27.09 ***


 Well, it has happened! Walter has gotten his voice... I was a bit surprised however, he is American made but is English brains still remember thier origins it seems! Who knew that Walter was English?

Watch the top video...



Hey Folks,

I know it has been a while since my last Walter update. Been busy. This is really not quite a proper post, with tons of details, but really, I just need to get something up. The video is pretty self-explanatory and I will have another one up soon showing the remote. 

For past Walter posts:

Go Here

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That's it for now --Some pictures below and more soon.

--Hey Frits, Now that I finally did an update post, does you offer still stand? (Will Walter ever talk?)



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shaken, not stir.

any new update about walters voice.............i am anxious



could you please specify where you found the joystick and soft-touch buttons for the remote? I found out that parallax sells a joystick like yours, but yours is clickable as well, where the parallax isn't...

Well, sparkfun sells the clickable joystick for about 3 bucks. I got mine from a off-brand playstation remote that cost me about 10 bucks. The 4 soft-keys are from that same remote, I just used some scotch-brite to remove the square, circle, triangle markings off the buttons.
Ah ok. I used one of the online text-to-speech places to get some done, sounds a bit robotty but that's ok. So how do you control the iPod? Is there a way to specify which track to play, or do you need to just skip through to the one you need?
I simply had one of my UK friends record a bunch of lines and send me the MP3. I clipped each phrase apart in Adobe Audition, and just stuck 'em on the iPod.
This is really cool. I don't think I've seen any projects with so many Picaxe's and sensors working together! Very inspiring. I've seen lots of PC based bots that can't do half what Walter can, despite having half the stuff built in. The day he brings you a beer cold from the fridge, you'll know it was worth it! Where did you get your voice samples btw?
I re-watched your video - I realized you had interfacing to the I-Pod and fetching pre-recorded tracks for Walter's speech. I somehow missed that first time I watched. Quite clever! So Walter could have any voice you desire... anything from a HAL voice to Alvin & the Chipmunks. Nice!
Your Walter is definitely very cool and quite a bit more advanced than my W.A.L.T.E.R. at present.  I'll have to see what I can do in my v2.0 rebuild now. :D

Nice work Chris. As always - another AWESOME posting!

Nice eyes. I may have to steal borrow the idea. :-) Put the eyes on a box and you almost have Wall-E!

Anyway, I didn't see mention (or maybe I just missed it) of what speech syth you are using, or are you using one of those record/playback chips? A bot with a Brit-butler accent - what a hoot!!

Anyway, thanks for sharing!