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Walter 2.1 Walter Gets His Voice!

*** Update 9.27.09 ***


 Well, it has happened! Walter has gotten his voice... I was a bit surprised however, he is American made but is English brains still remember thier origins it seems! Who knew that Walter was English?

Watch the top video...



Hey Folks,

I know it has been a while since my last Walter update. Been busy. This is really not quite a proper post, with tons of details, but really, I just need to get something up. The video is pretty self-explanatory and I will have another one up soon showing the remote. 

For past Walter posts:

Go Here

Go Here

That's it for now --Some pictures below and more soon.

--Hey Frits, Now that I finally did an update post, does you offer still stand? (Will Walter ever talk?)



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Yup, they don't do a damn thing... Each is a red and blue LED with brightness controlled through PWM.
Hey CTC, what are those new eyes Walter has? Are they just for aesthetics?

Man! I'm totally loving this project!
IMHO this is becoming one of the most cool and complex projects here on LMR!  Congrats CTC   ;)
Waiting for more uptades  ;)

Still can't see video here in China :(

Gave you 5 stars anyway based on your previous work :D

Very nice, Walter sounds like a classy butler.
Which, frankly, makes me nervous.
It's always the butler, you know.
I see about a walk through on the ipod thing soon.
i am going to make a butler-ish robot. Basically he will just be rude. The ipod seems like the best way to get it to talk. Just waiting on the walkthrough ;)
I like the idea of a rude robot!
WOW. Just when i thought Walter was at the peak of awesome it turns out he is still going up to the summit.  Did you come up with the ipod thing? A walk through would be sweet :)
Chris, you are amazing!!