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Mini Comp Fire Fighting Robot

Small Scale Fire Fighting Robot

My local robotics group does mini competitions every few months.

For October '09 the mini comp is small scale fire fighting.

So this is my second of my two entries.

  • Rutherford Robotics Tankbot Chassis
  • Tamiya duel motor gear box
  • Inex microcontroller
  • Sharp Ranging Sensors
  • a dc hobby motor with fan

I'm using Logo Basic to program this robot.


The first video shows it wall following during a test run.



The second video is from a previous mini comp where I ran this robot.

The goal was to simply navigate through a coarse that contained the 4 elements found in nature.

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind.













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I realy like it, I'm building a robot call SOLAR-1 Light sensing, object avoiding, robot. I think that I will do some thing like your course when I show my robot. How deep is the water. What would have been  cool was if somehow the robot could like sence that its in water a turn on its like boat mood but that almost imposible.


The water was about a inch deep, same with the sand, and fire pits. This was the only successful robot in the Elements mini comp. The other entries had various problems and didn't finish. My other and faster entry smoked 2 of the 4 drive motors in the first turn past the sand pit.

Water detection - Water conducts electricity, run wires straight down 1mm apart, wire it as a pull to ground with a load resistor.

Dude! Who fingered that robot in the water? Nasty Robot Fucker.