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A ROUGH draft for making the start here page a bit more universal. Please add suggestions... I want the admins to suggest more and make changes. After a few weeks I want to move it out into the public and have them pick it over. Then add this to the START HERE page. I really want help making the informal rules (best practices when using the website).


Getting started can be difficult, especially if you have never done robotics before. The following is a list of tutorials and hints that will help you get going easier.


Also PLEASE read the informal rules prior to posting for help. It will ensure that your questions get answered FASTER and more accurately, while keeping the website fun for everyone.


Informal rules:

  1. Read the tutorials prior to asking for help. Many times your question has already been answered. This will not only help you faster, but also help others spend their time on new problems.
  2. Be Patient. No one on this site is being paid to asnwer questions. It is 100% volunteer ran and everyone is still learning. Give people time to answer your questions.
  3. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT! If you post a question make sure you have a specific question and post pictures of your robot, circuit, etc so we know how you have it set up. It is possible that the problem isn’t with your code, but your solder isn’t completing the circuit.
  4. Put your question in the right spot. If you question is component based, add it to the component forum. If you aren’t sure where to put it, start a new forum thread. Very few times is it truly appropriate to ask how to do something in someone else’s robot page.
  5. Don't ask for code! If you are new to robotics you won't understand the code anyway. Always try to code it yourself. Most people will happliy help you debug, but won't share their code unless they know you are an expert enough to understand what it is doing. Even experts can be stumped by the code others have written.



NEWBIE -  recommended for everyone

BEGINNER – recommended for someone who is ready to build (has parts)

ADVANCED – recommended for someone who has built several robots

EXPERT – recommended for someone who has built lots of robots


How to use a hot glue gun NEWBIE

How to make your first robot (ain’t he cute!)  NEWBIE

What are resistors? How to use them NEWBIE

How to use a breadboard NEWBIE

How to use a breadboard II Add Picaxe BEGINNER

How to use gears with motors  BEGINNER

What do the various chips do? BEGINNER

How to use belt tracks BEGINNER

How do I use a Picaxe 28 pin projectboard BEGINNER

How to connect SRF05 to a Picaxe 28 pin projectboard BEGINNER

How to turn a servo into a bi-directional motor ADVANCED


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Hello, I am commenting myself again!

What I ment by "our site" is that there are 99.9% really cool people in here. And if we just agree that any uncool jerk who cannot follow the unwritten lines of cool acting will be terminated, then all will be cool :D

Are you cool enough to stay on LMR? Are you cool, man? Sure you are! :D 

Stop talking to yourself its creepy... Seriously my post took me maybe 20 minutes to put together. If it doesn't get sued thats fine ;) I thought it would be easier if some of the more basic tutorials/walkthrough were listed in one spot, but if someone is tryign to make their first robot they should be able to find them easy enough by searching in the search box.

I think we all argee it's a brilliant idea.  It's just going to be massively difficult to link.

...but we don't really have to move any posts or anything. Frits, give us an example of the problem. 

Oh, sorry. I had the impressiuon you'd had to seek permission from "her in doors" to play robots for a set period per night.