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TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards

TENET TECHNETRONICS is now an official Distributor in INDIA for Arduino Boards an open source Electronic Prototyping/Development Board, an easy way to procure boards in INDIA. These boards will help your  electronic ideas to become a reality. We also host a range of electronic boards - Micro Controller, VLSI and Embedded boards. We host a wide range of electronic components to cater your needs.

Boards we currently distribute
    Arduino Mega
    Arduino USB/Arduino Duemilanove
Arduino Pro
Ethernet Shield for Ardunio
ARM 7 Development Boards
ARM 9 Development Boards
ARM with Touch Screen
PIC Development Boards

ARM Programmers/Debuggers
PIC Programmers
AVR Programmers
Touch Screens
Sensors - Accelerometer, Proximity, Fingerprint etc.,
Communication - Bluetooth, GSM, GPS etc.,
Track Ball

LEDs - RGB, Single Color
Breakout Boards
iPOD Components
Cables and IC adapters

Visit us at www.tenettech.com for more products
Contact us at info@tenettech.com for more info

Official Distributor for SPARKFUN ELECTRONICS and EMARTEE

warm regards
Vasanth Kumar B

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We get "spammed" more often by Indian robot builder wannabees with the question than this Tenet is bothering us with the answer. Finally someone who supplies micro controllers in India.

Oh yes, I am sure there are more. But now we have a very specific example to point at> "Just browse the advertizing forum"!

I've deleted your additional cross-post, and moved this one to the Advertising forum. Please refrain from posting the same message in multiple places, and please make sure your posts are in the appropriate place. 


@LMR Even though I know this is spam it may actually be useful to some folks here. If it's too spammy let us know and it'll get clobbered.