Let's Make Robots!

Bug a tron.....T2

pic2.jpg1.48 MB
pic3.jpg1.43 MB
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pic1.jpg1.65 MB

Having finally got the CNC mill working, I've built another Robot. Its straight off the mill, and I couldnt wait for the battery box I designed the holes for to arrive so I cable tied the box I had onto it as the double sided foam tape wasnt up to it :)

I'll post more when it gets done :D 


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I love it! Nice and clean design!! Will look forward for the video!

Gosh I would love to have a CNC machine   :p
   Nice work. I miss the shop and know the power of a CNC. Plexaglass is always a peice of art and great when it moves. I am a laid off electronics technician and use to fix CNC machinery. Mabe someday I can get a cheap bridgeport for the garage and go into business. lol Different color legs would be nice on your next project along with LEDs of coarse. A little aluminium is also a nice touch. opinion

That's really clean, i like it!

And i'd love to see this little bug walking...

 5 stars 'cause hexapods are my favorite robots!

Cool robot. The parts look really nice. Did you make the CNC Mill yourself?