Let's Make Robots!

Parts List (Oddbot or Claudia, Help please)

8 Mr. Basics

14 Micro servos

1 set of sensor mounts

1 Magnifier thingy

1 LCD Screen

10 servo extension cables...

what would be the total price, with shipping, for all this. what is the benefit of the new Mr. Basic Board?

A word to anyone in the XMOS or Mr. Basic Challenges:

Fear me!

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You can find more info on the Mr Basic PCB with motor controller here:


I think you should PM Claudia with your parts list for pricing.

I dont know whether I want to order yet...depends on the shipping of this vs the shipping of a different order.
If you PM to Claudia, she will give you a quote on parts and shipping so you can decide.

It would be helpful to include the weight of the items in their description and an approximate rate of shipping cost vs. weight so LMR members may calculate an estimate before ordering. The final quote would still be calculated by Claudia.

PS: This may even save some time by making costumers decide better and quicker. For example, if Bembo231 thinks the shipping cost for his order is too much, he would be able to arrange it  in order to lower the shipping cost.