Let's Make Robots!

YASHR - yet another start here robot

goes around the room trying to not bump into walls

This is my "start here" robot.

It is not very solid yet... i'm working on that, and also on the code... trying something similar to the navigation from part 2 but with the hardware from part 1 of the "start here" robot.

It was built with some ice cream sticks for the body, cardboard for the wheels, everything attached with double sided tape, blue tape, and some cotton thread.  

As you can see in the video this is just an initial prototype and it still does fall apart sometimes.


I'm thinking of using an old router body to house the components decently.

Also, the wheels are temporary - i made a mistake when ordering them, and only noticed when they arrived by mail... then i saw they were way too small... so i just attatched the cardboard wheels, since they where the easiest to attach i could think of... (CDs are better, but would be harder to attach) 




*** UPDATE *** 15/09/2009 ***

New body and wheels, old router as body, cds as wheels with 2 little pieces of rubber taped to act somewhat like tires

 thanks to Aniss1001 for the cds attachment tip :)

new body assembly

new body and wheels 

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My first bot was held together with cable ties and a prayer. I upgraded to hot glue and hook and loop strips, plus a few strategic screws and bolts.
bolts, stickytape, rubber cork, and pure beginners luck. not as reliable as duck tape and a prayer, but...
Otherwise known as hot glue. Learn it, Live it, LOVE IT!
You got the technoligy but your robot needs a body and wheels. Even old CDs would make better wheels. Time to get creative.

you mean: "easy to recycle" ;)

Waiting for the video...